13 Ways You Know Someone Won’t Be Single For Long

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Dima ViunnykDima Viunnyk

1. They’re the kind of person who seems completely comfortable with their idiosyncrasies. They don’t complain about their lives or the things they wish they had or how they are a victim because of whatever circumstance. They’re just refreshingly okay with who they are.

2. They smell good, look you in the eyes while speaking, and are slightly more touchy than most. These are the people that are well-liked and easy to connect with.

3. They’ve got swag. I don’t mean this in the dated Justin Bieber kind of way, but it’s an air of confidence they bring with them everywhere they go. They don’t act like everyone else because they don’t have a voice inside that tells them they have to. They’re sure that whatever do or say is just as valid (or more) than others.

4. They don’t come with a ton of baggage. Instead of…

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