My thoughts about Friendship.

True friends are really hard to find. You think you’ve seen them. You trusted them, you tell them all your secrets, you laugh with them, you make memories with them. Then, that day will come when you will realize that they are not as real as you want them to be. They will get mad at you. They will get jealous. They will no longer want to spend time with you. Then that’s it. Trust will be broken. Feelings will be hurt. Rejection will overwhelm. In this life you will encounter lots of people who want to be part of your life, may it be for good or bad, and it’s really up to you to allow them to stay or not. I have learned that rejection is prevalent and there’s nothing we can do about it because we can’t control other people’s emotion or opinion. I just learned to pull out and stay away when such thing happens. I will not force myself to be loved or be liked by someone anymore. I will let God direct me to the right people He wants me to have a relationship with. I’ve learned. Finally I’ve learned.


About aimesdedieu

Traveler, Software test engineer, worshiper, follower of Christ. Jesus is my everything.
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