The Joy of Obedience

The Joy of Obedience

I just have to share what happened to me this morning. On my way to work inside the bus, standing, was a couple sitting in front of me. They were just young, younger than me I believe. I don’t know them and they are just typical passengers for me. Sweet couple, whispering to each other. I’m used to seeing that.

But all of a sudden, a thought came in my mind. The thought: tell the young girl that she is beautiful and anything that’s happening right now in her life will pass in the Name of Jesus.

Okay. It was a thought. But that thought never left my mind. It bothered me and honestly it made me nervous. Because just this morning before I left home, I prayed to God that I would like to be someone’s miracle today. I understood enough. The Holy Spirit inside me is nudging me to do it. I must tell you that it was the first time that I become sensitive to God’s nudging. I knew that it is a call for obedience. It was God’s voice. Of course the other side of me is telling me not to obey. What will that couple think of me? And the people around me! I’m sure they will hear me and they may think I’m sick! But it kept nudging me telling me just to obey. It was almost time for me to get out of the bus and my heart was pounding so fast. So I faced her eye to eye. I can’t remember if I first said “Hi” or “Miss”, but I told her this: “Can I tell you something? You are beautiful and anything that you are going through right now will pass in Jesus’ Name.”

And that was it! What a great relief!!! I tell you! =D

I can’t remember if she said, thank you because I was so overwhelmed of what just happened. I finally obeyed! It was a great feeling. Overwhelming.

Then she looked at me again, smiling and I blessed her. Then it was time to go. And I did it fast! Haha! I still don’t know how to deal with what I did. I’m aware that she told her boyfriend about it and some people are looking at me but I don’t care! I just obeyed the Lord and it was really a joyful feeling.

The first time really is the hardest. But when you overcome it, I believe the next time will not be as hard as it was, by God’s grace. If it was just me, I won’t bother myself talking to a stranger. I believe it was God’s amazing grace that helped me do that. I’m happy that God used me as a channel of encouragement to that girl. I don’t know what she’s going through right now but God knows. I believe those words encouraged her.

Today I told God that He is my boss and it was tested. You don’t know how glad I am to passed it. God won. Truly, there really is a joy that can only come from obeying God. I pray that you will be sensitive to hear God’s voice today and have the grace to obey Him.


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Traveler, Software test engineer, worshiper, follower of Christ. Jesus is my everything.
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