To die is gain

Went to a wake service tonight. The man was still young. It was a motorcycle accident. Good thing that he was a believer.

I will not forget what the pastor told us in his message. The purpose of a wake service is not just to see the deceased person for the last time but to see ourselves when we look at that person in the coffin. To remind us that one day, we will be that person. We will all die. Such time to reflect if there is life after our life on earth, if heaven and hell are real, and where we will spend our eternity.

We will all die. Death is certain and not a respecter of age, religion, wealth or beauty. There is eternal life after death. It’s either heaven or hell. It’s amazing that God provided a way for us to be sure of our eternal life. It is through Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. He is the only way. No one else. It’s not your religion. It’s your relationship with Him. I pray that you choose Him today. For when you are in Jesus, death is always a gain.


About aimesdedieu

Traveler, Software test engineer, worshiper, follower of Christ. Jesus is my everything.
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