The search for Happiness!

Have you seen the movie Pursuit of Happyness? That was a great film, right? I love it. It was one of my favorite movies! It was said there that happiness is to be pursued. Chris Gardner (Will Smith) actually asked how did Abraham Lincoln knew to add the word pursuit in happiness. In Gardner’s life he did had to pursue it.

Yes, I believe too that happiness is to be pursued but it should not be really so hard. It really is up to you how easy or hard you would like it to be.

Someone once told me that life always has two choices: to be positive or be negative. To win or lose.To be happy or be sad. As for me, I resolved on being happy whatever state I am into. It is a process I tell you. It’s a matter of choice. I choose to be happy. My happiness does not depend on people or circumstances. My happiness depends on God, the Author of real joy!

So I decided that I will begin an everyday search for Happiness! Yay!!!

So here’s mine for today:

Happiness is to find a solo seat in a bus! The joy of being seated in the window side! Weee!!!

See? It can be that simple! Happiness is all around us waiting to be noticed. Hope you open your heart today and find your own dose of happiness. =)

About aimesdedieu

Traveler, Software test engineer, worshiper, follower of Christ. Jesus is my everything.
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