Roaming that same old mountain once again. When will you learn, girl? It’s your fault, you should have guarded your heart seriously. It’s your fault that you even consider the idea of you and him together! And now you’re here, acting as if you are the victim. He didn’t say he loves you. He didn’t even say he likes you. And yet, you’re hurting when you found out that he never really had some interest in you at all. It’s your fault letting yourself fall for him though you know it should NEVER happen! When will you learn? Isn’t those painful rejections enough? Wake up girl, wake up! It’s time for you to love yourself more than you love being with someone. These things do happen, even if you’re trying your best to be a good, christian woman. But you will rise up to this. This one’s easier than the previous hurt. You’ll be wiser next time. Remember, God will never close a door if it’s meant for you. God knows. Trust Him. He has a great plan. He will carry you, once again through this.

About aimesdedieu

Traveler, Software test engineer, worshiper, follower of Christ. Jesus is my everything.
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2 Responses to Again

  1. Yes, God has a plan for you! And it’s usually not the same one that you do, you just have to trust Him with it! 🙂

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